Treadmill Mats & Decks


We Manufacture and Supply Treadmill Running Mats and Treadmill Decks for all makes and models of Treadmills.

Domestic & Commercial

Our qualified team of professionals has decades of experience in servicing all types Treadmills and Gym Equipment domestic and commercial

Our Treadmill Mats are a High Quality 2 Ply, low noise Anti-Static design and can be made to size to suit any model of treadmill.

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Treadmill Mat Prices

Up 400mm Wide                     $130

400mm to 500mm wide         $160

500mm to 520mm wide         $180

520mm and above                  $200

Commercial treadmill belts  $290

Supply and installation options are available and range from $310 (includes new mat, installation and servicing of your treadmill)



Treadmill Deck Prices

We supply decks in the form of a Blank. These blanks are then cut and drilled to exactly match your treadmill deck.

We can supply the deck blank and you can DIY or we can supply and install.

18mm x 1465 x 700 $175 (deck blank only)

25mm x 1515 x 745 $210 (deck blank only)

Supply and installation from $290 (Incudes deck, installation, lubrication and servicing of your treadmill)


Measurement and ordering process

Although we have an extensive data base of treadmill model mat sizes, we always cross check this with the actual measurements of your mat to be certain we have the correct size.

There can be variation in sizes even with the same brand & model number.

We need the cut measurement of your existing treadmill mat, this is a very easy process.

  1. Cut the mat off your treadmill near the rear roller. You will find a space here between the end of the deck and the roller.
  2. Lay the cut mat flat on the floor and measure the length on one side and triple check your measurement.
  3. Measure the width of the mat
  4. Send these measurements and the Make and Model of your Treadmill to us and we will make your new mat based on this information.


Spare parts

We import and stock an extensive range of spare parts and have resources in most of the key manufacturing hubs in Australia and around the world to source parts. We are a major supplier of spare parts to the fitness industry.

If we can’t source your part, then it can’t be sourced.


One hour booking window

Once you have been entered into our booking system you will receive an email confirming the quoted costs and that you are in our system.

We will then be in touch to schedule your appointment and narrow our arrival time down to within one hour. If we anticipate being late or we need to reschedule we will be in touch to let you know ASAP.


Knowledge and advice

Our team have been servicing the fitness industry Australia wide for 20 years. Over this time, we have amassed an enormous amount of product and industry knowledge.

Before we recommend any repairs, we will advise you if the repair is warranted or if perhaps you would be better off replacing the machine.


Contact us on 1300 557 773 or live chat to discuss your service needs further or book through the below link.



Regular Service and Maintenance Plans.

We can inspect, advise and coordinate regular servicing on any range of equipment from a home treadmill to a multi-location gym chain.


Service Zones

We service the greater metro regions of Brisbane (Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) and Perth (including Yanchep and Mandurah regions).

We also do service runs through NSW, Victoria and South Australia on regular intervals servicing our national client base


Affiliations and service spare parts alignments

F45 Fitness

We are closely aligned with the F45 national chain of gyms and service their studios nationally


We are closely aligned with SMAI and stock an extensive range of parts for many of their Spin Bikes, Bench’s and Assault bikes


Concept 2

We are a recommended service agent for the Concept 2 range of rowers, bikes and Ski ergs nationally and stock an extensive range of spare parts for these products


Contact us on 1300 557 773 or live chat to discuss your service needs further or book through the below link.