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Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment and third most cardio intensive machines. They are great for at home fitness when going outside seems impossible and can help you lose weight very efficiently. But a lot of the time people are making common mistakes which are reducing their exercise potential.


Incorrect Shoes

Although a lot of treadmills come with thick running mats, it’s still very important to wear the right running shoes. To reduce the strain on your joints you need to have extra padded shoes that are most suitable for jogging and running.

Looking Down

While running on a treadmill, people tend to look down at their feet. By looking down at your feet, you’re more likely to lose your balance and cause strains in your back and neck. To avoid any back and neck problems, look forward with your shoulders and chest level to make a straight line.

Run with Flat Feet

Running with flat feet can cause a number of problems including muscle, back and hip strain. If you run with flat feet you’ll be leaning backwards as the running mat is moving forward causing forcing strain on your joints. It’s important to run with the correct form and have your feet land on the mid part or ball of your foot.

Long Stride

Walking with your legs stretched out depletes your energy levels quicker making your workout less effective. It can also cause you to lose your balance and even cause injury. To run correctly you should take 3 steps per second.

Holding the Bars

Holding on to the bars while you walk or run reduces the amount of calories you burn. This is because you are supporting part of your body weight. To increase the number of calories burned your arms should at your side creating an “L” shape.


If used correctly, treadmills are great to help you achieve your weight lose goals all year round. Just remember to use all the features the treadmill offers for a more intense workout.


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