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I have been supplying treadmills and other fitness equipment into the domestic and commercial market in Australia for 12 years. People are always asking “How do I choose the right treadmill for me?”

Well let me break it down:

  1. User Profile /Height and Weight
  2. Fitness/ Usage Strategy
  3. Available Space
  4. Budget


1. User Profile – Height and Weight

A treadmill is correctly matched to its user by its mat or running surface dimensions, its motor power and the machines physical weight and construction. It is very plain to see when you stand back and watch a 6’6” 130kg bloke, try to walk or run on a 45cm wide treadmill. Clearly it is not going to end well. Not only is the machine straining, but the users risk of falling increases.

People often try to cater for the whole family when choosing a treadmill. Now this can get a little confusing when Hubby is 6’6” and 130kg while Mum is only 5’5” and 65kg. What you need to honestly ask us is; Who is still going to be using it after the first month, or once the novelty has worn off? To help in answering this question, consider this; Who of all of the potential users would be buying a treadmill right now, if you weren’t? If the answer is; “Well in reality just me”, then choose a machine suitable for you and save yourself the expense of catering for people that just won’t use it. If the answer is “well Hubby really is planning to use it”, then you need to purchase a treadmill suitable for the larger of the users.

You need to choose a machine with the largest mat size that you can afford and or have the space for. The larger the mat the safer and more comfortable you will be. This equates to you using the machine more often and for longer.


2. Fitness/ Usage Strategy

Mainly Walking / Jogging

If you are planning on walking mainly with a little bit of running and if your up to 6” or 180cm and under 90kg and you only want to walk, then a 45cm wide mat is suitable.

Mainly Running

If you plan to use your treadmill for mainly running, then you really should have a machine that has a 50cm wide and 133cm long mat as a minimum. The reason for this is you tend to splay your steps when you run. So a wider running mat will mean you land on the running mat instead of falling off.

Quick Guide

Walking with a little bit of running

Up to 6” or 180cm and under 85kg = 45 cm wide mat and 1.5hp or higher.

Over 6” or over 85kg = 50cm wide mat and 2hp or higher.


3. Available Space

Space is generally a factor when people are choosing a treadmill. The bigger the motor and mat the bigger the treadmill is going to be. So these things need to be factored in when purchasing a treadmill. Luckily most Treadmills fold away.

If you are looking at purchasing a treadmill you need to consider where you intend to position the machine. The treadmill needs to be near a power source. There needs to be space to the sides and back of the treadmill in case you loose your balance or footing.

Treadmills need to kept indoors. This means they need to be kept away from dust, sand grit and moisture. Positioning your treadmill outdoors under a veranda, is far from ideal and will result in voiding your warranty and shortening the life of your machine. If this is your only option, a rubber mat underneath the treadmill and a water proof covering (ideally with a material lining) will improve the longevity of your investment


4. Budget

Budget is an important part of your decision when purchasing equipment. There used to be a time when good quality treadmills would cost an arm and a leg.

Luckily with technology and volume, that is a thing of the past and there are some fantastically committed small retailers that handpick ranges directly from China and Taiwan, (in most cases the same factories as the brand names products). By doing this they are offering the same great quality equipment for the fraction of the price and with great warranties.


We hope this information will assist you in you next treadmill purchase and your quest for health & fitness. If we can be of assistance don’t hesitate in contacting the team at Fitquip.


Team Fitquip

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