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When people think about what indicates great physique, many think large muscular arms, sharp abs or large shoulders. However none of these features work if the rest of your body doesn’t match up. In this case a lot of the time people forget to really give there legs a good workout. Even if you’re not working for a body builder form, your legs are just as important as your upper body. Just like your chest, your legs are made up of major and minor muscles. These muscles help create their own individual movements, which means you need to workout each section of your leg.


QUADS - Are made up of 3 main muscle functions; Vastus Laterallis, Rectus Femoris and Vastus Medillis. These muscles extend when your hip is flexed and can be worked by doing variations of squats and leg extensions.

HAMSTRING – Is made up of 4 main muscle functions; Bicep Femoris Long and Short, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus. These muscles extend the hip joint, bends the knees, hip flex and knee flex. These muscles are located at the middle, middle side, lower inner back and upper inner back of the of the thigh. You can work this muscle by performing lunges and variations of leg curls.

CALVES – are made up of 2 main muscle functions; Soleus and Gastrocnemius. These muscles help your ankle flex and move, and are located in the back portion of the lower leg and runs below the knee to the heel. Some people refer the gastrocnemius as the calf muscle. You can work this muscle by doing variations of calf raises.


As you can see your leg consists of some major muscles which help form everyday movements. These movements are important to build on as they will improve your overall workout form. If you are looking to build your legs, you will need to dedicate yourself to intense leg exercises because they are accustom to every day pressures.


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