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Medicine balls are commonly over looked when it comes to workout routines. But these weighted exercise balls are extremely versatile and perfect for everyday routines. Below are some great exercises which can be incorporated into your workout plan or completed as a routine.


Medicine Ball Slam


  1. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. In one motion extend your arms and raise the medicine ball above your head and slam the medicine ball into the ground.
  2. If your medicine ball bounces, grab it on the rebound, and repeat.


Lunge Knee Touch


  1. Holding a medicine ball above your head, descent into a lunge.
  2. As you rise, in one motion keeping your arms straight bring the medicine ball down, and your knee up to a 90 degree angle until they lightly touch.
  3. Repeat alternating legs.




  1. Hold the medicine ball above your head. Just like you would swing an axe, swing the medicine ball down and slow it down as it reaches just below your butt.
  2. Repeat this motion on the way up, remembering to slow down when your arms are almost fully extended.


Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers


  1. Position yourself into a push-up position with your arms extended in front of your with a medicine ball under your hands and your legs slightly apart. You can spread your feet apart until you are stabilized.
  2. Once stable complete 30 mountain climbers as seen in the picture above.


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