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 Easter is a time of celebration and indulging in meats, wine and chocolate. While it’s easy to over indulge its all about balance. Here we help you be more aware of what you eat, keeping you satisfied and guilty free.


 Healthy Breakfast

You may not be able to control what is served at lunch and dinner, but you can at least control your breakfast. Start your day off with something that will keep you satisfied for longer like porridge or a health shake. This way you will stay fuller for longer leaving you less likely to over fill.

 Fill Up on Greens

Before you start picking at the antipasto plater or chocolate basket, munch on veggie sticks and salad. As vegetables contain lots of fiber, you will fill up leaving, less space for the sweet treats.

 Choose the right food

Think about your food choice before you serve up. Instead of eating everything you’re served, only choose the things your body needs. Serve your plate with half vegetables, a quarter of grains and protein. That way you are filling up, while still eating the same amount of food.

Quality not Quantity

Easter eggs may look innocent but they are jam packed full of sugar and calories. Opt for the smaller individually wrapped eggs. This way you are able to keep track of how many you eat. Another good idea is choosing dark chocolate that contact (70-85% cocoa). It’s richer so you wont eat as much and also contains antioxidants.


We wish you a safe, happy and healthy Easter! Remember to fit in exercise whenever you have a spare moment or organise a walk or an easter fitness hut with the family.


Team Fitquip

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