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A lot of people ask the question “Should I eat before or after my workout?” Or “Should I drink water or should I drink sport drinks?” The honest answer is it depends on what kind of exercise your planning to do and how hard you intend to push yourself.

In previous blogs I have talked about how your body craves certain foods because it is missing nutrients and how your body needs protein after strength exercises. Here we will go into a bit more detail about a broader range of exercises.


Long-Distance Running

If you are planning to run longer than 90 minutes, then you need to keep your muscles fuelled and replace lost fluids. To help your body do this it is recommended to use isotonic drinks which can be bought, or you can make them yourself. Drinking a recovery drink after your workout will help your muscles repair and boost your immune system.

Gym Workout or Run

If you are working out less then 90 minutes doing general gym exercises or running, then what you eat beforehand is most important. This is so your body has enough energy throughout your workout. It is recommended to eat a high-carb meal at least two or three hours beforehand. Alternatively you can eat an energy or cereal bar 30 minutes beforehand. Remember to drink at least 500ml of water throughout your workout.

Weight Training

When it comes to strength, resistance and weight training your body relies on the food you eat afterwards. While you’re training you break down muscle fibres which, as your body recovers become stronger. In order to help your muscles repair and recover quickly, protein is needed. Foods that help the repair of your muscles are lean meats, protein powder, milk (which encourages tissue build up), peanut butter and nuts.

Hour-Long Cycle or Swimming

Bike riding is hard work and like long distance running your body requires long lasting fuel. If you are planning to cycle for a long period of time you should drink isotonic drinks, or water with a snack. This will boost your endurance and keep you cycling for longer. To give you energy throughout your ride you need slow releasing foods like cereal bars or banana which can be consumed before hand. After your ride you should consume a protein and carb rich drink which will help repair your muscles and rehydrate your body.

Yoga and Pilates

When it comes to less intensive workouts your body doesn’t require fuel. If you are planning to eat beforehand try and eat something healthy that is easy to digest. As it is unlikely you will sweat a lot during this workout so you are less likely to need a lot of water, however afterwards remember to have a good drink.


Remember to always cater for your fitness and health needs and to stay well hydrated during your workouts.


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