By: AP   On: 4 January 2019 


We all have those days when the thought of working out seems impossible. This could be due to a hectic day at work, you had a late night or you’re just feeling flat. But it can only take one excuse to turn not working out into a common occurrence. This is why on days like these it’s very important to get up and workout.


Just Stretch – It’s the little things that can give your body the energy kick it needs. Lie on the ground on a mat or blanket and start stretching or if you enjoy yoga, bust out some moves. What may start as a relaxing stretching session, can easily turn into a heart pumping routine.

Start with a Walk – Going for a walk can give your body a much needed energy boost and is a great way to start a workout. Start by just taking it easy on the treadmill or outside while listening to some music. Once you have warmed up you will find that you have a enough energy to go for a run or workout after all.

Just do it! – If you have exercise equipment at home then hop onto your elliptical trainer or exercise bike and start slow and steady. If it’s located in front of the TV, put on your favorite show, or listen to some music. Once you’ve warmed up you can start your own personalized interval session that matches the show you’re watching or the beat of the music.


It’s times like these that we need to start being more self motivated and proactive, if we want to keep to our new years resolutions and fitness goals.


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