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Winter seems to be a time workout routines are forgotten and weight gain is hidden under layered winter fashion. But winter shouldn’t be a time to stop working out. It should be a time to work your butt off, so when summer comes around you have a body you are proud to show off.


Quick Tricks: When working out people tend to focus on working one area of their body, for example bicep curls, which only work one muscle. Usually this is due to lack of knowledge or experience. However doing exercises that require you to work more muscle fibres and fatigue quicker, means you will burn more calories faster.

The dumbbell, kettle bell and medicine ball routines we have created are an example of numerous muscles being used all at one time. By adding weight to your routines and then increasing your weight over time you will burn more calories and achieve your goals more efficiently. Remember to workout at least 3-5 times per week if you are a beginner and 3-4 times per week if you are intermediate. If you are experiencing muscle tightness remember to stretch before, during and after your workout and do half an hour of cardio the day after to release some muscle tension.


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