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It’s officially winter, which means hearty meals, hot chocolate and warm layered clothing is on everyone’s mind. But before you start settling in for hibernation you need to stop and think about all the progress you made over summer. Sure it may not be bikini weather and a few extra kilos can be hidden under your winter clothing, but do you really want to lose all that weight again when summer comes around? Here are a few tips to help you through the winter slump.


  • If motivation runs out the door in winter, then why not join a sporting team? This is a fun way to keep you and your friends in shape, and will guarantee you exercise every week.
  • Organise to exercise with a friend a few times a week. This way you will hold each other accountable for not exercising and will be able to push each other through the hard workouts.
  • Make exercise fun!
  • Progress pictures, are a great motivational tool to keep you going. Seeing that before and after picture can help you appreciate all the progress you have made within a few months and give you the courage to keep going.
  • Set challenges for yourself!
  • Create a winter cook book with new healthy meals and plan to cook a dish every night. You’ll be surprised how fun and easy it is to cook new food.
  • Schedule your workouts into your diary and create a new workout plan every week. This way you can’t say you don’t have time and by pre planning your workouts you can start straight away.
  • Create a play list that gets you pumping!


We hope you find some inspiration and wish you the best of luck with your fitness goals.


Team Fitquip

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