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Sugar Vs Added Sugar

Sugar is not an enemy when it comes to losing weight. In fact a lot of the confusion about diets and cutting out sugar is because people don’t know the difference between sugar and added sugar. There are a lot of foods that you eat daily like fruit, sweet vegetables, milk, soy, and yogurt that provide us with a carbohydrate only as sugar. As fruit provides a good dose of anti-oxidant (anti-aging chemicals) it would be un realistic to cut them out of your diet because of their sugar levels.

Added sugar or sugar not naturally present in foods, is the problem. It’s the added sugars in food that displaces your natural nutritious diet. Take for example an active person who drinks one can of soft drink, that would easily fit into there lifestyle, however 2 litres a day is not good no mater how fit you are.


Maintaining Energy Levels

Sugar has been made to be the enemy when it comes to losing weight and working out. However you will notice that a lot of carbohydrates recommended to keep your energy levels up while working out are high in sugar. For example, sorbet, lollies such as jelly beans and chocolate milk, which has been shown to greatly improve muscle recovery and soreness after a workout. These foods are generally recommended to be eaten as energy boosted for small workouts and sporting events.

Having a balance diet is a great way to maintain energy levels and stop your food cravings. However if you are unable to have a bowl of pasta or carbohydrates before you workout, then the sugar boosters suggested above will help. These sugars are recommended because consuming carbohydrates while you’re working out wont process quick enough to assist in your energy recovery.


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