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Everyone exercises for there own reasons, whether that be to lose weight, get fit, win races or de-stress. But like most things, if you don’t enjoy something, you either wont stick to it or you wont see great results.



Knowing why you run or why you want to run can greatly improve your overall enjoyment. Research has shown that those who are motivated to run or workout because they enjoy it, are more likely to continue compared to those who are running to lose weight. Goals are a big part of working out, but in order to enjoy exercising long term you need to focus on the bigger picture. The greater goal shouldn’t be to achieve your goal, it should be learning to appreciate the effort it took to get you there.

SELF MOTIVATION Whether you’re a newbie or a lifelong runner, devote your next few workouts to reacquainting yourself with what running has to offer. To do this you should focus on the simple things, like how your body feels while you are running and how good you feel afterwards. This way you learn that you don’t need to set your goals to achieve that good feeling.



Hard work doesn’t just get you fit, it also makes you happier. Research has shown that recreational runners enjoyed a high intensity intervalworkout, compared to running for a steady 50 minutes. This is because they felt a greater sense of self satisfaction after challenging themselves.

SELF MOTIVATION Replace one of your usual workout routines with a high intensity interval workout. Interval workouts can be simply adding a minute of sprinting or incline to your usual run or adding 3 running intervals to your usual jog. This will help keep the boring factor out of your routine and help you feel a greater sense of achievement as you progress.



Working out and fun don’t sound like a likely pair, which is why a lot of people find it hard to get motivated and stay motivated to work out. In order to make working out fun you need to keep going and push through the not so fun few weeks. Once you have made working out a routine you will find yourself wanting to workout, not having to workout.


To get you through the tough parts of working out you need to add a bit of fun to your routine. If you love a great tune, then find a CD that gets you moving and turn it up loud. This will keep you moving even when you aren’t working out and will keep you in a positive frame of mind though out your workout. You can also time your running with the beat of a song.


Learn to focus on the positive side of working out and before you know it, you will be motivating yourself without even trying.


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