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Weight training is an extremely important factor in your workout routine. It is an extremely efficient way of burning calories, strengthens and tones your muscles and improves bone density. Below are 6 tips to help make your strength exercises safer and more beneficial for you.


1. Determine your weight load on a day to day basis. Different factors effect the way your body handles each workout, so naturally you need to cater for your bodies needs. If you have low energy levels and push your self too hard too fast, it is likely you will become fatigued quickly.

2. Don’t change your workout routine too often. Change your routine if you notice your body not responding. But if you have figured out what exercises work for you, then don’t change them. The only thing over time you should change is your weight load. If you are looking to shape a particular area of your body, then you can add sets and reps which work on specific muscle groups.

3. Stretching is such an important factor to any workout. By stretching you are promoting your muscles to extend and fill with more blood which helps them grow. Stretching also helps your muscles to relax after a workout, which reduces the risks of stiff, sore, muscles.

4. The first and most important factor to strength training is proper form. When training you need to focus on how your body is moving to avoid strains and pains. A tip I’ve learnt is to focus on the muscle(s) you are working and feel how it strains and relaxes after each set. This ensures you do the rep correctly every time and also teaches you what part of your body you are working.

Remember, don’t let your arms swing out of your sets. You need to control each lift and release to get the most from the workout.

5. Its not all about going to the gymRest, recovery and diet are massive factors in working out and getting fit. What you eat during the day and after a workout helps maximise your muscle growth and recovery. Feed your muscles not your belly, remember abs are made in the kitchen.

6. Keep your routine clean and simple. Your routine doesn’t need to be full of too many movements and intensity techniques. Stick to the basic mass-build exercises and rep ranges. Try to focus on exercises that work 1 or 2 areas each workout in the beginning to help build your muscle strength.


We hope this information will help you get the most out of your strength routine. For information on what strength equipment will be suit you, feel free to contact the Fitquip team.


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